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Sure, we can discuss the highs and lows of the week – what you accomplished, what you missed, or just flat out forgot. But I’ll be honest and say that I start thinking about this article on Sunday, knowing I won’t publish it until mid-week. So, why think about Thursday’s article on Sunday?

Let me tell you about my week.

I realized on Friday how many other social media posts were kicking off with “Fri-YAY!”, we all do it. I was signing off some of my emails with TGIF, and have been known to celebrate Friday-eve on Thursday. The question is why, why do I celebrate the end of the week? I LOVE what I do; I love my clients, and just love my life.

My son (famously known for his random questions) asked me if I think the first day of the week is Sunday or Monday. Think about this for a bit, I’ll share my thought at the end. His questions did make me think about my week, because I have a very distinct weekly plan. Does it start Sunday or Monday?

Here is how I plan my week:

I plan for one full technology free day a week, its most likely going to be Saturdays.

Monday – Delegation day. I read over all my emails and send out new items that should be delegated, or need further information. I’ll admit, many times I start this on Sunday, but I never send the emails until Monday morning out of respect for the family time of others (hurray delay delivery!). If I have meetings coming up, I may touch base and confirm meeting times, call in numbers etc.

Tuesday – Call day #1. Generally, back to back calls all day. I don’t even try to get paperwork done. I do keep my calendar open and add tasks and follow ups at the end of each call, but that’s about as close as I get to paperwork.

Wednesday – Focus day. I very rarely schedule a call and have been known to turn my phone off. This is when I take on large tasks that need detail and focus. By this time, I’ve received info back from my Monday delegation emails, and can get down to the work that needs to be done.

Thursday – Call day #2. Again, typically back to back scheduled calls.

Fri-YAY! (I had to do it) – Follow up Friday is what I call it. What am I missing? What clients need a follow up email, prospects, outstanding accounts? Are there any Monday delegation emails outstanding? Any tasks not taken care of during the week, will be on my Friday plate.

Saturday – Technology free day (except my kindle, you don’t get to take my kindle away!)

Sunday – Ahh Sunday. It is my secret (now of course not so secret) work day. I review my plan for the week, plan and prepare for client calls, maybe do some writing. I clean up my inbox, schedule tasks for the week. It’s probably my favorite work day of the “week”. I do write emails, but delay the delivery so not to interrupt others.

So, circling back to my question earlier in the article, does your week start Sunday or Monday? My vote, still Monday, because my Sunday work time, is like a little indulgence that I choose to do, off anyone’s radar.

How does your week play out? Do you have set call days, focus days? Do you allow yourself one day free of technology to recharge yourself? Share with us!

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